Featured Articles

From October 2020 to December 2022 we featured here each month an article from a past issue of the Shelley Newsletter.

Members of the Club receive the Newsletter as part of their membership subscription. Back issues can be ordered from the Editors. See the ASCCI Magazine page for details.

These are the articles that were featured (some were featured more than once). Links open in a new tab.

Link to ArticleOriginally published
Wileman & Shelley CandlesticksJune 2016
Small China Vase SeriesSeptember 2009
The Shelley GirlDecember 2012
Birds of a FeatherDecember 2007
The Golden Era of Shelley and Wileman China and EarthenwareMarch 2015
Queen Anne is in the PinkDecember 2009
Landscapes and Seascapes on GemsMarch 2012
Tea & Toast SetsMarch 2007
Crested MiniaturesMarch 2007
Micklewright, the china painterSeptember 2007
Shelley Travels to the SnowfieldsJune 2009
A Day Trip from BrisbaneJune 2007
Some Uncommon Faience Wall PlaquesDecember 2011
Shelley in the Moorcroft styleSeptember 2014
Coffee Can Can!September 2014
Shelley in the Blue MountainsDecember 2014
Questions About “Some Beautiful English PotteryMarch 2019
“Moire Antique” and “Tapestry” PatternsJune 2012
Wileman and Co. Arts and Crafts PlaquesSeptember 2006
Peterborough CathedralMarch 2010
Robbie BurnsSeptember 2006
The Right to Write about White ShelleySeptember 2008
Imari – A Taste of the Exotic OrientSeptember 2012
CampanulaJune 2014
Queen Anne Dessert SetsDecember 2013